Substance Abuse Case Manager



Main office in Randolph, offsite offices in Dorchester, Medford Massachusetts. Direct Care staff, based on the program they work in, are designated to regions. Travel for work at patient homes, school and within the community would be required.


The Substance Abuse Case Manager works with the Master Level Clinician to provide services in the home and community for elderly, adults, adolescents patients with parent/ caregiver within a team. Interventions, best practices services, program specifications are directed by patientā€™s needs and treatment plan, including frequency of time with patient for treatment. Ā Case Manager will serve as patientā€™s advocate, assessing and assuring that quality care is given. Will assist in providing individual and group counseling to a patient in their community environment for services provided in Randolph, and at offsite offices in Dorchester and Medford. The Substance Abuse Case Manager is trained across program services to provide treatment and work on interventions. Coordination of care with collaboration, conflict resolution with families, culturally linguistically competent patient centered strength-based practices are developed to strengthen communication between families and care. The Substance Abuse Case Managerā€™s training across programs addresses ways to assist in helping patients obtain individualized achievable treatment plan goals and make progress, with clear dates/days at/on which interventions are to be provided to clients and type of interventions to be provided for clients taking into account of presenting problem(s), client characteristics, culture, history, and availability of family support. Cases are assigned within the Randolph, Dorchester and Medford areas and traveling to patientsā€™ home is required daily as part of duties.


  • Provides support for patients across programs including Community Support Programming, In-Home Behavioral, and In-Home Therapy programs, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy Groups and Telehealth Recovery Coaching & Recovery NavigatingĀ Systems Programs
  • Ability to offer client structured, one-to-one strength-based support to address daily living, social and communication needs and to learn new skills for improved functioning in the community
  • Ability to support, coach, problem- solve and train guided by the goals that are established by the patientā€™s existing treatment plan
  • Interventions will be conducted within the community via home visits, school visits and work with other providers
  • Case Manager will work as part of a multidisciplinary team on treatment intervention meeting weekly for supervsion
  • Attendance and participation in in-service training and skill building trainings is required monthly
  • Reports to the supervisors regarding caseload and administrative duties
  • Demonstrated ability to work within a team and independently
  • Maintains compliance with company policies and procedures and patientā€™s record daily
  • Creativity and willingness to engage clients in treatment using non-traditional methods (understand the collaborative treatment of traumatized children and teens, multisystem therapy, or wrap around services)
  • Monitors patientā€™s progress on the implementation of the goals of the treatment plan developed by the patient and family, clinical team and supervisor
  • Provides direct client care in 1:1 utilizing a combination of intensive teaching and natural environment training arrangements
  • Identifies community resources and helps with development of natural support options for patient and parent/guardian/caregiver
  • Direct time with providers (e.g., attendance at IEP meetings, hospital discharge meetings, Care Planning Team (CPT) meetings
  • Provides referrals and linkage to appropriate supports and services
  • Provides coaching in support of decision-making in both crisis and non-crisis situations.
  • Connect to natural supports and build skills and works on cargiver gaols for patient and parent/guardian/caregiver
  • Ability to provide behavioral plan intervention and emotional response via telehealth
  • Ability to be the voice of the patient in care plan meetings
  • Will provide individual case load of billable hours weekly 32 or more
  • Progress Notes Match Productivity Reports submitted on the 1st & 15th monthly as time sheet for billable hours
  • Completes Specialty Programs documentation progress notes within 24 hours and uploads in patient file cabinet in EMR
  • Verifies patients after appointment or services in EMR


  • Must have excellent strong oral and written communication skills
  • Must be highly motivated and self-directed.
  • Must possess knowledge of child development; including physical, mental, emotional and cultural and ethnicity issues
  • Demonstrated ability to work within a team and to work independently
  • Must have a home office (computer, fax machine, email address and cell phone)
  • Must be computer literate. Detail and organizational skills are critical
  • Maintain an appropriate and valid state driver’s license, and be able to provide a registered and insured vehicle to use for work purposes
  • Must meet state criminal background check requirements
  • Pass CORI & SORI


  • $18 – 23 per hour depending on experience
  • Paid holidays
  • Days Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Medical & Dental
  • Professional Education & Stipend towards degree or certification with program specialty
  • Flexible Schedule but must be able to work in the late afternoons and evening until 7:45 pm and some weekends based on client needs


Location: Randolph, Medford, Dorchester, MA

Job Type: Full-time

Program: Substance Abuse

Department: Direct Care Programs

Age group:


Preferred candidate will have a bachelorā€™s degree in a Social Work, Human Services and/or related field from an accredited institution and one (1) year of relevant experience working with families and youth. Associate-level, associate degree in a human services field from an accredited academic institution, and at least one (1) year of relevant experience working with families and/or working with people with disabilities. Additional life or work experience may be considered in place of a human services degree. Will be trained in substance abuse or Dialectical Behavior Therapy treatment methods

Must be culturally and linguistically competent, bilingual a plus; Haitian Creole, Portuguese Creole, Spanish, Cantonese, or Vietnamese

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