Multicultural and Multilingual Healthcare

LAMOUR Clinic and LAMOUR Community Health Institute were developed to provide an essential link between the Community, the Health care, Education and Human Services Systems.

Lamour staff members in a group foto
LAMOUR Clinic and Community Health Institute staff members

Our multicultural healthcare staff speak the languages and understand the cultural needs of the community.

Multi Services and Community Based Agency

We are a multi-services community-based agency that is committed to advocating and providing community-based, culturally-competent, and comprehensive programming services. We have a responsibility to the communities we serve and to the staff we employ to help them develop their potential.

Our organization implements a business practice that advances health equity, improve quality, and helps eliminate health care disparities within a community-based setting.

Programs for Everyone

Our programs follow The National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) in Health and Health Care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide behavioral health, therapeutic and community-based services that aid individuals, children, and families to achieve optimal daily functioning. This includes providing clinical interventions to help patients develop skills to help them stabilize within their various communities and help them to build flourishing relationships. We serve our patients by facilitating the acquisition of skills that specialize in comprehensive and integrated behavioral health programs that promote holistic pathways.

Our Vision

We serve as an agent of positive change by providing education, counseling, coaching, and consulting services that offer life-altering, holistic, and multicultural perspective on the attainment of success to individuals and communities alike within our program’s specialty service.

We encourage clients to fully utilize the strengths and resources that are there in their lives, as well as build connections to new resources.

We employ multiple counseling perspectives, thereby allowing us to tailor our therapies specifically toward each client and enabling them to do things differently.

We are non-traditional healthcare providers, and we meet our clients where they are and assume the role of Teacher, Role Model, Coach, and Counselor until clients can become empowered to assume tenets of such roles on their own.

Our Values

LAMOUR Community Health Institute and LAMOUR Clinic is a company that believes in a multicultural community. We value diversity in all its forms.

We have a responsibility to the communities we serve and to the staff we employ to help them reach their full potential.

The following principles are the guidelines from which we operate:

  • We provide work and therapeutic environment which treats all with dignity and respect.
  • We embrace diversity as an essential competency in the way we conduct both internal and external business.
  • We contribute positively and ethically to the communities and clients we serve.
  • We develop interventions that are innovative and flexible so that the goals of clients are met in their communities.
  • We diligently work to recognize and define the challenges facing our clients, so that we may develop and utilize responsible, solution-focused, and strength-based interventions.
  • We have a responsibility to our clients to measure and monitor the progress of their goals, to continually ensure that our services are being effective and efficient.