Practice Case Manager



Main office in Randolph. Off-site offices in Dorchester and Medford, Massachusetts.   Direct Care staff, based on the program they work in, are designated to regions; travel for work at patient homes, school and within the community would be required.


Works as an assistant to Master Level program coordinator for screening new patients admitted into specialty programs and ongoing admissions screening of medical necessity. Manages direct care staff caseload and maintains compliance within policies, procedures and protocol. Works with clients in the community by providing care coordination case management with adult, youth, and the youth’s family for the purpose of treating their behavioral health needs and those of their families who present varying degrees of complexity. Rotates call center duties and works with Master and Doctor level clinicians as part of a multidisciplinary team including both professional and paraprofessional staff. Maintains client records daily for auditing and updates demographic information and provides coordination of care outreach and therapeutic support for behavioral health needs into clinic programs. Serves as patient’s advocate, assessing and assuring that quality care is given. Cases are assigned within the Randolph, Dorchester and Medford areas and traveling to patients’ home is required daily as part of duties.


The purpose of this position is to complete intake admission documentation across programs, provide quality management services to enhance the quality of care for and improve patient outcomes. Will conduct initial screenings of clients in their community as health care providers to assess for medical necessity

  • Screens and triages patients who request services, are referred, or meet screening criteria for identifying patients’ needs
  • Completes intake documentation to gather information, intake demographic of patients to assist with tasks such as transportation to essential self-help, peer support, and medical and behavioral health appointments while transitioning to community-based transportation resources
  • Helps patients clarify goals and strategies, provides education and resources and assists patients in accessing treatment and community supports
  • Carry case load of patient to provide program services dictated by treatment plan (including, Outpatient community support, Substance Abuse, Recovery coaching, Recovery Navigating Systems, In home Therapy, and ongoing services Coordination)
  • Will be trained, have a caseload and cover in Outpatient community support, Substance Abuse, Recovery coaching, Recover Navigating Systems, In home Therapy programs and provide community-based services and assistant in running groups program services as a paraprofessional
  • Serves as a data entry operator for Comprehensive Assessments, Health Assessments inclusive of the CANS under Master Level Clinician
  • Identifies and provides emotional and social support to the patient and help patients build skills to support their treatment
  • Refers patient into treatment that fit their needs and streamline care into programs and provides linkage to appropriate supports and services
  • Provides services in the community via conducting home visits and attending meetings on behalf of the patient and to support patient treatment
  • Collateral contacts (phone and face-to-face) and collaboration with care and/or other primary care, behavioral health and other providers working with the patient
  • Provides coordination of care for all initial patients and screening for services via phone, as well as overseeing referral of the client to a lower level of care for discharge
  • Acts as a liaison and support in preparing for or accompanying patients to meetings
  • Coordinates patient’s health records and assists in treatment coordination
  • Coordinates Care with other specialty healthcare providers, Schools, DCF, DYS, Primary care, probation officers, social workers, and child protection/child welfare workers
  • Assists with audits, transcribes recorded dictations of narrative and reports with accuracy and maintains accurate records of all completed notes and documentation
  • Maintains accurate records of all completed notes and documentation
  • Documents all review findings in the designated review database Rethink, virtual Gateway
  • Keeps track of billing units, hour and using productivity reports submitted on the 1st and 15th monthly to match documentation professional standards
  • Maintains electronic and hard copy filing system
  • Follows HIPAA guidelines for the management of patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Assists with monitoring and maintaining the monitoring of a comprehensive quality assurance program that is data-driven and informs programs needs and best practices
  • Other duties as assigned by department manager


  • Strong analytical and interpersonal skills and willingness to work directly with patients and clients.
  • Ability to communicate effectively within a variety of situations and diverse populations
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Must have excellent strong oral and written communication skills
  • Must be highly motivated and self-directed.
  • Must possess knowledge of human development; including physical, mental, emotional and cultural and ethnicity issues required


  • $23 – 30 per hour, depending on experience
  • QSEHRA Health Reimbursement Plan, eligibility at 90 days of full-time employment (32 Hours a week)
  • Paid Federal Holidays
  • Paid Time Off; accrual based, eligible at 120th day of full-time employment (32 Hours a week)
    • 5 (40 Hours) Sick Days
    • 2 Personal Days
    • 5 (40 Hours) Vacation Days
  • 401k available.
  • Working Advantage Employee Discount Program
  • Professional Education & Stipend towards degree or certification with program specialty
  • Flexible Schedule but must be able to work in the late afternoons and evening until 8:15 pm and some weekends based on client needs

Location: Randolph, Medford, Dorchester, MA

Job Type: Full-time

Program: Outpatient

Department: Direct Care Programs

Age group:



This position requires a Community Health Work certification and/or bachelor’s degree in Social Work (preferred) or Public Health, Counseling, Psychology with a clinical concentration, or have licensure or certification to practice as a Social Worker (LCW).  This full-time position will be working under the supervision of the Clinical Supervisor, Program Coordinator and other Administrative staff to admit patients into clinic programs for the individual, children, and adolescents in their community environment.

Must have a current valid US-issued driver’s license, and ability to provide a registered and insured automobile for work-related purposes.

Bilingual a plus: Haitian Creole, Portuguese Creole, Spanish, Vietnamese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian

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