Clinical Program Director



Clinical Director provides clinical and administrative supervision of clinic programs with acute and non-acute individual and family within urban settings, by providing behavioral health utilization review and care management in order to ensure timely and appropriate services for the patients. To facilitate coordination and integration of behavioral health, medical management, and case management services. Oversees Medicaid Fraud Control, Quality Management Team within the Intake Department and multidisciplinary team review with program supervisors and administrative staff for updates on staff and patients.


This position is a combination of clinical and macro duties; this position will assist in planning, overseeing and managing the daily clinic operations and staff which also includes:

  • Must have Clinical and Psychiatric Expertise
  • Must have Cultural and Linguistic Competence
  • Provides day to day clinical over the site of staff in programs
  • Implemented a strategic plan for the growth of programs
  • Implements programmatic provisions of ongoing behavioral health best practices
  • Attends required professional meetings outside of the clinic
  • Reviews all documentation of staff clinical supervision documentation given by Assistant Clinical Program Director and Clinical Supervisor.
  • Conducts internal Audits to maintain quality programming
  • Predicts and planning for patient’s needs from program design and development.
  • Utilizes pre-approved criteria and guidelines for validation of continued stay and appropriateness of treatment and discharge planning;
  • Acts in conjunction with the appropriate manager(s) on a daily basis to assess the patient census for appropriate alternative health care program;
  • Maintains quality care while effectively utilizing resources;
  • Identifies and reports any quality or utilization issues to the administrative staff.
  • Acts in conjunction with the clinical team related to discharge planning special program care;
  • Carries a small caseload as needed
  • Performs other duties as required


  • Excellent leadership abilities
  • Ability to work cooperatively as a team member across multiple levels within the organization
  • Critical and Analytic thinking must understand cause and effect as it relates to workflow design and implications to policies, procedures and other departmental functions
  • Ability to influence others and serve as a role model
  • Strong communications skills (formal and informal, written and verbal)

Location: Randolph, Massachusetts

Job Type: Full-time

Program: Administrative

Age group: All ages


This position requires a Masters in Mental Health related field. Must have over two years’ experience with adults, children, and families or with mentally ill populations, urban youth and crisis management, including training in family therapy, children play therapy Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) or Substance abuse and Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

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