Registration and Enrollment Coordinator/Case Manager



The Registration and Enrollment Coordinator is overseen by the Registration and Enrollment  Supervisor and oversees the financial coordinator  and Billing & Coding Coordinator. . This position will require scheduling and confirming patient appointments using appropriate information systems and entering data into the system. Will support obtaining authorizations and utilization authorization reports of systems, including eligibility electrically system. Will maintain calendars – facilitating scheduling and monitoring all completed documentation, overseeing scanning/maintenance of electronic records systems, and preparing and organizing records. In addition, will engage with other departments to coordinate services as needed, obtain documentation to meet compliance measures, and obtain and maintain authorization approvals for payment.


  • Screens and triages patients who request services, are referred, or meet screening criteria for identifying patients’ needs
  • Completes intake documentation to gather information, intake demographic of patients to assist with tasks such as transportation to essential self-help, peer support, and medical and behavioral health appointments while transitioning to community-based transportation resources
  • Helps patients clarify goals and strategies, provides education and resources and assists patients in accessing treatment and community supports
  • Maintain and tracks all Intake Registration and Admission Documentation 
  • Provide customer service to patient’s in Registration, enrollment, and Admission 
  • Providers outreach marketing and tracking via calling email participates and vendors 
  • Obtain authorizations for billing and maintain authorizations 
  • Complete applications for criteria for verify eligibility for all programs 
  • Properly track and follow up with staff documentation.
  • Distribute all finalized documentation to appropriate staff File documents 
  • Maintain accurate records of all completed billing documentation
  • Contacts (phone and face-to-face) and collaboration with care and/or other primary care, behavioral health and other providers working with the patient
  • Provides coordination of care for all initial patients and screening for services via phone, as well as overseeing referral of the client to a lower level of care for discharge
  • Acts as a liaison and support in preparing for or accompanying patients to meetings 
  • Coordinates patient’s health records and assists in treatment coordination 
  • Coordinates Care with other specialty healthcare providers, Schools, DCF, DYS, Primary care, probation officers, social workers, and child protection/child welfare workers
  • Assists with audits, transcribes recorded dictations of narrative and reports with accuracy and maintains accurate records of all completed notes and documentation
  • Maintains accurate records of all completed notes and documentation
  • Documents all review findings in the designated review database Rethink, virtual Gateway 
  • Keeps track of billing units, hour and using productivity reports submitted on ERM to match documentation professional standards
  • Coordinate calendar and schedules including coordinate calendars for several managers Perform 
  • account representative customer services 
  • Enter all review results in appropriate data systems  
  • Document all review findings in the designated review database
  • Creating correspondences and communications required by the contract, including denial letters to providers and participates 
  • Handle the main telephone line for applications and enrollment 
  • Create reports reflecting the start and end date of services and keep track of applications and enrollment 
  • Data entry and organize computer-based information applications and enrollment
  • Maintain electronic and hard copy filing system
  • Other duties as assigned by department manager
  • Follow HIPAA guidelines for the management of privacy and confidentiality



  • Must have strong writing and communication customer service
  • Experience in web-based application and computers 
  • Advance computer and understands website
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Self-starter with ability to handle multiple projects at one time
  • Appreciation of cultural diversity and sensitivity towards target population
  • Must work closely with all departments within the organization to ensure appropriate patient outcomes and resource utilization.  



  • $20 to $30 per hour depending on experience
  • Paid Federal holidays
  • QSEHRA Health Reimbursement Plan, eligibility at 90 days of full-time employment (32 Hours a week)
  • Paid Federal Holidays
  • Paid Time Off; accrual based, eligible at 120th day of full-time employment (32 Hours a week)
    • 5 (40 Hours) Sick Days
    • 2 Personal Days
    • 5 (40 Hours) Vacation Days
  • 401k available.
  • Working Advantage Employee Discount Program
  • Flexible Schedule
    • Must be willing to be on call weekdays and weekends over phone
    • Must be willing to work late afternoons and evenings, until 8:15pm 1-3 times a week.
  • Educational Stipends with partnering colleges available

Location: Randolph,Braintree, MA

Job Type: Full-time

Program: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Center Program

Department: Administrative Support Offices

Age group: All ages


  • Required to have a minimum 1+ years of work experience and bachelor’s degree in Social Work (preferred) or Public Health, Counseling, Psychology within SNAP verification of eligibility, Insurance verification of eligibility, Student verification of eligibility for enrollment. 
  • Training  Interns and New staff 
  • Enrollment of patients into Clinic Programs 
  • Enrollment of Students  into Educational Programs 
  • Enrollment of participants for SNAP benefits 
  • Minimum 1+ years of recent, previous Administrative support experience and customer service.  
  • This position is a sole contributor to provide customer service patient enrollment and tracking, obtaining and tracking authorizations, record auditing and support enrollment. 
  • Must be Culturally and Linguistically competent, Bilingual a plus; Haitian Creole, Portuguese Creole, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian

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