Health Care Administration Specialist



Directly works under CEO & President to create Internal procedures and explanation of growing Strategic Initiatives.  This position develops, maintain and implements strategic initiatives by managing projects, assisting with developing funding resource, developing company’s compliancy measures to report to funding resource, analizaing  data and methods developing procedures for data collection, assisting with developing policies, procedures, protocols to implementing strategic initiatives and analyzing benchmark key performance indicators. Oversee Healthcare Specialist II and there assigned programs, monitor and assign task that are aimed to develop the programs and  that adheres to all regulations related to Joint Health Commission, Department of Public Health and the company’s internal procedures and strategic initiatives.


Must have a minimum work on a certification or a master’s degree in business, Health Service Administration, Public Health, Macro Social work (including, but not restricted) Minimum 1+ years of recent, previous Administrative support experience.  This position is a sole contributor to provide administrates support

  • Must be Cultural and Linguistic competent, bilingual a plus; Haitian Creole, Portuguese Creole, French, Spanish, Chinese or Vietnamese.


  • Serve as a project manager to implement public health community-based programs and strategic initiatives.
  • Promote programs, implement communication with organizational leaders, including designing presentations, organizing stakeholder and management meetings, and presenting reports to the Chief Executive Officer & Broad members.
  • Implementing internal and external policies and procedures for new programming within the company for accreditation
  • Acts as the point of contact between the Chief Executives Director and internal/external personnel
  • Assist with finding, applying and implementing grants, RFR, RFP, to fund specialty
  • Assist in building external stakeholders and partnerships
  • Review and analysis reports on patient demographic and implements maintenance & quality improvement methods
  • Act as the point of contact in public relation representative of the company as directed by Chief Executives Director
  • Maintain daily task, arrange meetings and appointments and provide reminders Chief Executives Director
  • Oversee Healthcare Specialist II and assigned task to develop programs
  • Lead for identifying stakeholder internal and external, as well as development of strategic partnerships
  • Lead for monitor implement and improvement of public health community-based programs and strategic initiatives.
  • Lead for implementing internal and external policies and procedures
  • Lead for maintianing data collection of patient demographic information and reporting to mangers and governance board


  • Strong analytical skills, interpersonal skills, writing
  • Excellent data research and analyzing skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively within a variety of situations and diverse populations
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Excellent time management skills and organization

Location: Randolph, Massachusetts

Job Type: Full-time

Program: Administrative

Age group: All ages


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